[Known Issues] Account Transfer Registration


On Wednesday, January 27th, Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss opened registrations for account transfers in order to transition the Black Desert Online service.

During this process, some adventurers registering for their Black Desert Online Account Transfer have run into errors preventing them from completing the process.

There is a Black Desert Online Transfer Guide for instructions on how to transfer your account, however if you are still encountering an issue with trying to transfer your account please see the following:

Table of Contents
1. I need to change my Email or Add/Remove 2FA
2. Platform Mismatch (Web with Web, Steam with Steam)
3. Non-Responsive Account Transfer

1. I need to change my Email or Add/Remove 2FA

In order to change the email address associated with your account or add/remove your 2 Factor Authentication, please see our detailed article here.

2. Platform Mismatch (Web with Web, Steam with Steam)

While Black Desert Online Web and Steam accounts share the same in-game world, they have slightly different transfer procedures and log in means. The main impact of this is how the accounts are managed. Players who have accounts on Steam manage their accounts through the Steam Overlay, and players who use the website launcher use a webpage to log in.
If you are authenticating through Steam, or if you want to change your email or claim codes, you do this through the Steam Overlay. It also means that you don't have a password, and you don't have an account management page on the website to log in to. You do not need to log in to a Kakao Games account and you do not need to create a Pearl Abyss account for Steam accounts.

The platform mismatch error comes from trying to log in to a Steam account on the website or vice versa. It's not intended to be possible, so getting an error like that is perfectly normal. 

To call up the Steam Overlay, follow these steps:
1. Open up the game menu (press Escape)
2. Click the Community section.
3. Click on Redeem.
This opens up the Steam Overlay, where you will find all your account management options.

To start the transfer process for either Website or Steam Black Desert Online accounts, please follow this link and select the appropriate sign in method as shown below:


3. Non-Responsive Account Transfer

During the transfer process you may encounter an issue with non-responsive pages, such as blank white screens or options not responding when clicked on. In order to resolve this please try to re-do your transfer using an alternative browser such as Microsoft Edge.

It may be necessary to set it as your default browser temporarily for this process.


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