Transfer of Service FAQ

With the stream of the Calphe:ON Ball on December 12, 2020, we have announced the transfer of service for February the 24th, 2021. Kakao Games will hand over the publishing responsibilities for Black Desert Online NA and EU service to its developer, Pearl Abyss. Due to technical limitations, unclaimed coupons in player accounts will not be transferred. In this article we are addressing the most common questions and concerns of our players.


What is happening?

On February the 24th, 2021, Kakao Games will hand over the publishing responsibilities for Black Desert Online NA and EU service to its developer, Pearl Abyss.


What does this mean?

Kakao Games will no longer be responsible for or involved with the live operation of Black Desert Online. This will be solely managed by Pearl Abyss.


What will change?

Any platform run by Kakao Games such as the current website, official forums and social media channels will likely be closed down or repurposed along with the current player support process. Game localisation, customer support and all other publishing responsibilities will be handled directly by Pearl Abyss.


What will happen to my account?

Your account will remain unaffected as long as you request an account transfer. The exact process of account transfers is still being determined, but all your progress and account data will be available on the new service. During this process, all your data will be handled with care and in compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws.


Who is eligible for data transfer?

Any full account that is in good standing can opt in for the data transfer. If your account was permanently banned for any reason, you will not be able to transfer it.


I’m on Steam, is anything different for me?

Whether you are playing through Steam or created an account directly through the website the same opportunity for an account transfer will be provided.


What happens now?

For now, it’s business as usual. The operation and service will continue without change as we work on the handover in the background. We will still be updating content in the same way and in partnership with the developers to keep the game fresh and exciting over the next few months.


Will I be able to transfer between regions?

Unfortunately it is in general not possible to switch from one region to another. This technical restriction continues to apply during the transfer process.


Will I lose access to my support tickets?

Kakao Games EU uses the Zendesk platform to collect and respond to tickets for all of its games. Your support history will still be maintained in that system, in accordance with our privacy policy. However that data will not be transferred to Pearl Abyss, so they will not be able to use that as a reference for future tickets that you make.


What happens to my currently-open tickets?

All tickets submitted to Kakao Games will be answered by Kakao Games. Please understand that we may not be able to process it to assist with game related issues after the migration date.


Who do I contact if I have issues with the account migration?

If your issue relates to the process of the data transfer then you should contact Kakao Games. If the process has been completed but you encounter further issues. then you should contact the new publisher. We will continue to work alongside Pearl Abyss to ensure a smooth transition for a certain period after the migration.


Will the prices for game packages and Pearl shop items remain the same?

This will be determined by Pearl Abyss, so please keep an eye on their platforms for further information.


What will happen to my Kakao Cash and Pearls?

Your pearls will carry over with you to the new service. Any unspent Kakao Cash will be converted to pearls prior to migration. The exact date is yet to be determined.

Any Kakao Cash remaining on the account at the beginning of the maintenance on February 24, 2021, will not be transferred to Pearl Abyss. Please spend all remaining Kakao Cash before February 10, which is when Pearl Boxes will no longer be sold.


What about banned accounts?

Your account must be in good standing to be eligible for data transfer.


Will there be changes to the ToU and Privacy Policy?

The terms of use and privacy policy are an agreement between you and Kakao Games. Pearl Abyss will have their own version of these agreements that you will need to agree to.


Will the server be inaccessible during the transfer of service?

While it is possible that there will be some downtime during the transfer, all parties are committed to minimising any interruption, and to making the process as seamless as possible for you.


What happens to unclaimed rewards ?

blobid0.png Please log into your account page before February 24th to claim any unclaimed coupons!

Website players can claim any coupon here.

Steam players go via ESC menu in the game > Community > Redeem to access the coupon page.


What happens if I don't claim my coupon?

We will push any unclaimed coupons after the given deadline so that the coupons will be sent via in-game mail. However, if players needed to make a choice, one predetermined option will be sent, so make sure to check your coupons before February 24th!

* Affected coupon List


What happens to my mail in game?

Your in game mail (B) will be transferred with your Game Data


Can I exchange my items in case I get sent a version I don't want?

As Kakao Games will not be handling the player requests from that point forward, we're unable to give any details. However, seeing that the coupon data itself could not be transferred, it is likely that future support will be unable to assist. 


I have activated discount coupons in the Pearl shop that I have not yet used. Will I be able to use them after the transfer?

Any unclaimed rewards or coupons will move to the new service alongside everything else on your account.


Will the Player Support policies change?

As the service will be wholly managed by Pearl Abyss, player support policies will be at their sole discretion. We currently have no information on whether these will change.


What will happen to inactive accounts during this transfer? 

The data transfer will be an opt-in process, so any inactive accounts that do not opt-in will not have their data transferred.


Will some of them be deleted so their names can be freed up?

Names that were previously held by a deleted account will become available again. We will continue to offer data migration for several months after the initial transfer date. Once that process is finalised, any names on accounts that did not transfer will become available again.


Will there be any end of service events? 

You can rest assured that we will send you off with a bang!


Will I lose my Twitch linked status with BDO?

Yes, if Twitch drops continue under the management of Pearl Abyss, you will need to relink your account.


Will pre-order names free up after the transfer?

If the names are unclaimed after the transfer period, they will become available again.


I have more questions or would like to read more about the transfer.

Pearl Abyss has created a central place for all currently available information here: 

The website will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

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