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With the introduction of the new Tag Character system, you will be able to share valuable gear over with another character within your family. We hope this exciting new feature in Black Desert Online helps facilitate new ways of enjoying your journey throughout our world as you try new classes and playstyles! In the below details you will find a brief overview of the Tag Character System, as well as a brief guide on how to use it so you can more fully enjoy all our world has to offer.

Table of Contents
1. The Tag Character Option
1a. Requirements
2. The Item Copy System
3. Restrictions
4. Warning for Untagging and Partial Tagging

The Tag Character Option

Using the newly discovered Marni's Special Device, two characters will now be able to share a set of gear through the Tag Option. By using Marni's Unstable Fuel, an item purchasable at Old Moon Manager shops.


In order to unlock the Tag Character option, you must complete the questline "[Marni's Suspicious Device] A Splendid Deal" with a character Lv. 56 or higher. This can be found under the All tab under Black Spirit - Quests.


Starting Quest of the Marni's Suspicious Device questline

The Item Copy System

Once you have completed the questline, the "Item Copy" function will become available.

Tag the Main character with the desired gear equipped to a different character in the Character's Tag Setting menu, located in the top left corner under your health and resource bar.


Location of the Tag menu


Item Copy Feature and Main character

Item Copy will require all gear equipped on the main character to have max durability recovered, and the selected tagged character will require 14 free slots of inventory space. The enhancement level, branding, socketed crystals, and Caphras Stone EXP will be copied exactly as is.

Once tagging is complete, you will see how much "Marni's Unstable Fuel" will be required to copy the gear to the selected character. All 4 pieces of armor, 3 weapons, 6 accessories, 1 tool, and 1 spirit stone equipped by the main character can be copied into the tagged character's inventory.


Marni's Unstable Fuel Cost to use Item Copy

You can purchase "Marni's Unstable Fuel" from Old Moon Managers located in major cities.


Old Moon Shop and the Marni's Unstable Fuel

The questline will guide you to the Mediah Old Moon Manager - Jak. Other locations of Old Moon Managers which will sell the Marni's Unstable Fuel needed to use the Tag Character system include:

  • Klau in Balenos
  • Steel in Serendia
  • Lajee in Calpheon 
  • Sahin in Valencia 
  • Zya in Kamasylvia
  • Taya in Drieghan
  • Mene in O'dyllita

Once the Item Copy has been completed, log into the tagged character and you will find the equipped fear from your Main in his or her inventory.


The Tag Character's Copied Items

You have now successfully used the Tag Character System! Congrats! May you have many fun adventures in your chosen Tag character.

For additional details regarding Tag Characters please see our Patch Notes for the 18th of November, which detail this new option in greater depth.


1. Please mind that tagged characters cannot use the imperial delivery or trade. This includes completing trading quests.

2. If a tagged character with negative Karma (including those in the desert) is killed, ALL copied gear will be destroyed, regardless of location, and the protections offered by the set effects of Pearl outfits and Oasis buffs won't be applied.

3. The following gear cannot be copied.

– Class-specific outfits such as the Calpheon Noble Dress

– Season-only gear

– Naru Gear

– Gear from Main Questline Rewards

– Gear available for a limited time

– Gear rented with contribution points

– Gear incompatible with Weapon Exchange Coupons

– Shai Talent Gear

– Life skill gear that can equipped in main, sub-weapon slots like fishing rods or floats

4. You may not use the Tag Character function during the following situations.

– Conquest/Node War

– Red Battlefield

– Battle Arena

– Arena of Arsha

– Savage Rift

– Horse Race

– Final Battle

– Great Sea

– Altar of Blood

– Pit of the Undying

Un-Tagging and Partial Tagging

Please note that un-tagging your characters will delete all copied equipment and accessories. You cannot un-tag your character without first unequipping all copied gear, and you will be met with the following message:


Warning message on copied items

In regards to partial tagging, where an incomplete set of items is copied from the Main to a Tag character, if you later decide that you would like a full set or to tag with a different character, you will need to untag and have all copied gear deleted. We strongly advise caution when selecting which character you desire to tag and copy your gear onto, as once untagged you will need to pay for additional Marni's Unstable Fuels.

Please note that with the Transfer of Service of Black Desert Online to Pearl Abyss we are no longer able to assist with in-game related issues.

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