Twitch Drop Event 10-07-2020 (after maintenance) to 10-21-2020 (before maintenance)

Table of Contents
1. How to participate
2. What rewards do I receive?
3. How to get the rewards in game
4. Special notice about the event


How to participate


TWITCH DROPS EVENT is an activity where you watch streams with Black Desert Online "Drops Enabled", and you get rewards! Make sure to participate between the 7th of October and the 21st of October.


First access the main page of the Twitch Drops Event, and then you will be requested to login with either your website login or your Steam login as shown here:



For those playing via web launcher with a Black Desert Online account, you can go here to link your Twitch and BDO account as shown here below:



Steam users please sign in via your Steam login and from there you can link to Twitch. As shown here:


Attention: Please make sure that you are connecting the correct account and do not accidentally create a new account! The connection is final and cannot be reversed!


When you have completed the linking process, look for the "Drops Enabled" Black Desert Online streams and start watching.



What rewards do I get?


1 Hour of viewing offers you a basic Game Pass*

5 Hours of viewing offers you [Event] Secret Book of Old (7 Days)

9 Hours of viewing offers you [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit

Bonus reward: After watching for 30 minutes you will earn 10x Cron Stones (once per day the reset happens at 00:00 UTC)

*Your free account will be upgraded automatically to give you full and unlimited access to the game. Steam players and players who already enjoy full access cannot receive this reward tier.


How to get the rewards


Claim and Confirm rewards on Twitch > Use coupons on Black Desert Online website > In-game mail (B)

First Login on Twitch to access your Inventory:

And claim all your rewards so you have a check mark as depicted below.

Important note: Please claim the first reward in order to earn the next reward. Your progression on the up coming reward won't start otherwise. It is impossible to accumulate rewards without claiming them in the order each reward was triggered.

This is how it looks, make sure to hit "Claim now" before the progress bar starts on the next reward:


Then it will look like this, it reveals a progress bar on the next reward:


Cron Stones: Please be careful to claim your reward Daily on both Twitch and BDO as it resets at 00:00 UTC. If you forget to claim, the reward won't be visible the next day after reset.


(Please note this is an example image of how it looks when rewards are claimed).



For PC users who play via web launcher: When you have reached a milestone, please go to your account page for your coupons section, and claim each reward here before finding them in game:


For Steam users, please check ESC > Community > Redeem > Account Info after accessing the game.



Fear not, as long as you relink to exactly the same account, you will be able to continue on claiming your rewards.

Step one: Head to your Profile on Twitch

Step two: Click on Connections to open the menu, find "Drops link to BDO". mceclip0.png

When you Click the button to the right this will open the BDO website where on the purple banner you need to login as shown here:


Once you are logged in, this will show "Activated":


When you have these steps completed for the relinking on the same account, you can start watching "Drops Enabled" Black Desert Online streams and earn your rewards.

Special notice about the Event

  • The 1, 5 and 9 hours rewards are only obtainable once during the event.
  • The 30 Minutes reward can be received once per day during the event period. Reset happens at 00:00 UTC.
  • Basic game pass rewards are for KakaoGames platform members (Steam members are not eligible).
  • Only characters at Lv. 57 or higher can open their [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit
  • Rewards are distributed immediately, unless there is a lot of traffic some delays can take up to 3hrs.
  • Coupons in the coupon section can only be claimed until the end of the event.

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