Graduating Early from the Summer Season Server

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Early Graduation
2. Schedule
3. How to Graduate Early
4. Graduation gift
5. Link to Q&A


Introduction to Early Graduation

For Adventures who’ve had their fill of the Season servers, we’ve added a way to graduate to the regular servers ahead of schedule!


By graduating early, your season character will be converted to a regular character that can equip the normal equipment, but be warned, because you’ll no longer be able to access the season servers and receive the season rewards once you graduate.


You can see the early graduation schedule below, and all season characters will be converted to regular characters on August 26th. Additionally, there are no requirements to graduate early, so visit Fughar when you are ready to graduate.


Summer Season Schedule

Early Graduation Schedule

August 5, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance

August 26, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance


End of Summer Season

End of [Event] Black Spirit Pass Sale, Season Pass, and Black Spirit Pass Challenge

August 26 (Wed) after maintenance


Start of New Season

September 2 (Wed) after maintenance


How to Graduate Early

blobid0.png If you would like to participate in the Tuvala Invitational, make sure to keep your Season Characters. You will not be able to participate in the tournament if you do not have an eligible Season Character. blobid0.png


[Step 1] Visit and interact with Fughar, the friend of all season characters

Interact with the <Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager> Fughar (located in each town/city) and select “I want to convert my season character to a regular character”.


[Step 2] Go to the <Crow Merchants Guild Scribe> Leyla

Go to the <Crow Merchants Guild Scribe> Leyla as instructed by the NPC Fughar, and accept the quest “[Season Server] At the Crossroad” from Leyla. Once you complete the quest, return to the NPC Fughar.



Interact with the NPC Fughar to obtain the “Honorable Adventurer's Certificate” and accept the quest “[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World” from the Quest (Q) window.


Move to a regular server and use the “Honorable Adventurer's Certificate” to convert your season character to a regular character!


Now, you’ve successfully completed converting your season character to a regular one. We’ll be rooting for our Adventurers who will continue their adventures in a larger and rougher Black Desert world! 


Graduation Gift and Tuvala Gear Conversion

The NPC Fughar has prepared a surprise present for Adventurers who converted their season character to a regular character, so let’s go find Fughar once again.

blobid0.png In order to convert, you will need to remove crystals. Please follow this < link > to see the details.

Further details can also be found in our Q&A

Do you have different questions not covered here or by our other Season articles? Write us a ticket, visit our forums or check out our Discord and we'll be happy to help!


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