Purchase Issue FAQ


We hope that the following FAQ provides helpful insight and guidance regarding any Paymentwall related troubles you may be having. 

Table of Contents
1. Purchase Failed to Arrive
2. Pearl Box is Missing
3. Refunding a Pearl Box
4. Purchasing Pearls on the Wrong Account
5. Blocked from making Purchases

I made a purchase and the funds were deducted from my account (or card) but the purchase hasn’t arrived. What do I do? 

Make sure to double-check that your purchase was made on the right account. 

Once purchases are made, it can take up to 24 hours to go through. If you’ve waited 24 hours and the Kakao Cash, Gift Package, etc hasn’t arrived, please reach out to our payment provider, Paymentwall, and they’ll be able to assist you further. You can reach them by sending an email to

If your purchase was made through Steam, you’ll need to reach out to the Steam support team directly as Steam handles their own purchases.

I converted my Kakao Cash into Pearls, and now my Pearl Box is missing!

Pearl Boxes are items which contain the Pearls, not the currency themselves. Like other Pearl Shop purchases, they go into your Pearl Inventory [i] and need to be opened before the Pearls will be applied to your account. Please check the Pearl Inventory of the character you purchased the Pearls on before sending in a ticket.


I made a mistake and want to have my Pearl Box removed and my purchase refunded.

Once Kakao Cash has been converted into Pearls it’s no longer eligible for a refund. This is stated in the Pearl Shop description of a Pearl Box, on the Kakao Cash purchase page and in our terms of use. We are also not able to transfer Pearls between accounts, so be sure to double-check before making your purchase.

Please note that the customer support team can only refund Pearl Purchases. For game & gift package purchase refund requests, you’ll need to reach out to Paymentwall directly.


I mistakenly made a purchase on my other account! Can I have my purchase transferred to my main account?

Unfortunately, Kakao Cash, Game Package, and Upgrade Package purchases cannot be transferred between accounts.

I’ve been blocked from making purchases! Help!

In these cases, you’ll need to reach out to Paymentwall as they are the ones responsible for removing your purchase restrictions. You’ll need to go through their verification in order to do this.

PaymentWall is a licensed company which specializes in online payments. All documents that are requested by them are essential documents needed in order to help us protect all of our community from fraudulent purchases.

We would also like to reassure you that as a payment processing institution, PaymentWall has a responsibility to prevent fraudulent activities and crime. They are regulated by the US government and FinCen, which is the Financial Crime Enforcement Network.

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