Special Pearl Shop Offer: Big Weight Pack [Policy]

With the release of the Weight Pack, we have received many tickets from the community regarding the fact that they are unable to purchase this pack as it is unavailable on their desired character due to previous purchases of Weight Limit Coupons.

When it comes to Weight Limit coupons, the intention is that a character should be able to use each coupon type only once (except for the 50LT Loyalty limits). What this means in practice is that since you already have one of the coupons included in this bundle, the entire bundle becomes unavailable. This applies regardless of whether the coupon was purchased on its own or as part of another bundle.

As this is by design, we're currently unable to manually provide the bundle or to manually sell the individual parts at the discounted price. Additionally, we are unable to offer exchanges for previously purchased and consumed weight limits.

However, we want to assure you that your feedback is heard and that we're hoping to improve on this service in the future. Being able to give you better help is more fun for us too.

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