The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

While adventuring in Black Desert Online, you can experience a wide variety of technical troubles. There are lots of troubleshooting steps and guides scattered throughout the forums and in this same Knowledge Base. At first, it may seem overwhelming, but we’ll break things down for you so it’s easier for you to identify your situation and resolve it by following the steps below.


Crashing Issues

If your game is freezing, crashing, or just closing without showing any particular message, there may be problems with local files. But don’t worry, as these can be easily repaired by following the steps in the articles below:


Connection Issues

If you’re suffering from lag, or your game goes to a “reconnecting screen” frequently, you might be suffering from connectivity issues.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that your Internet Service is fully faulty, just that your connection is having problems reaching our servers! Contacting your ISP support is always a good option as their experts can help you improve your connectivity.

Nevertheless, and if contacting your ISP is not an option, you can follow the steps in these articles:


Launcher Problems

Sometimes the Launcher does not behave as it should. Luckily enough, we have an article on how to check what’s going on!

If you’re still having problems with BDO, you can speed up the investigation and solution problem by contacting us via ticket and not forgetting to send us the following information!

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