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The vast world of Black Desert Online offers thousands of quests of all varieties. Due to the large amount of quests, we have created Filters to assist with visibility of different categories that may be of interest. However, these filters may hide quests that you are looking for. 

Table of Contents
1. What Quest Filters Help You With
2. Quest Filter Is On, But Still Nothing
3. Databases That Will Help You
4. Additional Solutions

 What Quest Filters Help You With

Sometimes you face the trouble that you are unable to complete or accept a certain quest. We recommend that you verify if all of your quest filters are turned on.

  • Open your quest window with O
  • Check the icon list at the bottom
  • Turn them all on, which is indicated by them turning yellow

The below screenshot shows the difference between those on and off: 



Quest Filter Is On, But Still Nothing

Please keep in mind

  • Some quests are unlocked as you level up 🍄
  • Explore new areas
  • Finish other quests. 💯

It may be possible that you haven't reached all pre-requisites to get the specific quest you are looking for or that the quest you are attempting to complete is a crossroad quest.

There are plenty of guides and databases online where you can check the pre-requisites and requirements for the quest you are attempting to complete.

Databases That Will Help You

A great resource for finding quest chains, including pre-requisites, is the fan-site Codex. 

Simply type in the quest you're struggling with into the search bar:


Click on the quest and it'll bring you to the quest overview:


  1. Here you will see the name of the quest you selected
  2. A description of the quest, as well as some special conditions
  3. The final conditions to complete the quest
  4. Quest requirements in order to see/get the selected quest

Additional Solutions

If the above steps do not solve your problem, then you can also attempt the following:

  • Changing channels and attempting to interact with the NPC again
  • If the quest cannot be handed in, try forfeiting the quest and re-accepting it from the quest giver NPC

Happy questing!

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