Are you an Xbox/PS4 Player?

Greetings adventurers,

It seems that you are looking for information on guidance for the Xbox or the PS4 version.

Sadly, your princess is in another castle...

Our goal here at Kakao Games is to provide an amazing gaming environment for all our players to enjoy and we want everyone from across the world to experience this first hand. In order to reach this goal, we have a license from Pearl Abyss, the developers of the game, which allows us to publish Black Desert Online for Oceania, North America and parts of Europe for the PC version of BDO only.

Due to this, unfortunately, we are unable to offer assistance on the console version as we are only able to offer help for the EU and NA PC version of BDO.

If you require assistance with console related issues, or would like more information regarding the console version, please visit the following websites:

Black Desert Online Console Official Website



We hope that you will enjoy BDO on the platform of your choice!

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