Policy regarding threats of suicide and suggesting suicide

There have been a number of cases reported to the GM team on a very sensitive topic and we wanted to take a moment to offer some transparency on how we deal with them. The topic in question is suicide, both genuine reports and the more casual responses used daily in-game, such as “KYS” that need to be dealt with regularly by us.

Genuine concern for a friend or guild member

If you have reason to believe that someone you know in-game is in a situation where their life is at risk, please contact us straight away and be sure to include the word ‘Suicide’ in the body of the ticket. The latter is especially important, as it will set off triggers that allow us to spot these urgent cases much faster in the middle of all the other tickets. Although we do not directly handle these cases ourselves, we always take steps to ensure that the right people are contacted so that the player gets the help they need.

Casual threats to commit suicide

Often, throughout the text of a ticket, we will encounter remarks such as “My pen attempt failed, now I want to kill myself lol.” When we run into situations such as these we have no real way to tell if the threat is real or not, so we take no chances and notify the correct authorities. That said, if the threat turns out to not be real, this can lead to a tremendous waste of time for both us and the police and potentially also land you in trouble for wasting police time. Please choose your words carefully when contacting us.

Suggesting suicide to another player

We consider this to be harassment and will suspend your account if it’s reported to us. This could be as simple as “KYS” or something much nastier. Applying a suspension - not a warning - has been our policy since launch. It is an unpleasant thing to say to your fellow adventurers and has no place in Black Desert Online.

We hope that this clarification will lead to making the game a better place, as well as a more engaging experience for all of you. Lastly, we also hope that the minority won’t use this information as a way to bait others into a suspension or spread toxicity further in the game.

Take care of each other.

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