Central Marketplace Error / Pre-Order lost

With the introduction of the Central Marketplace this week, a large number of players have been unable to access the Central Marketplace on the EU server. Our developer team has been actively working on resolving the matter, yet unfortunately an immediate fix is not currently available; if you are using a Windows 7 system, you can apply the two steps below as a temporary workaround:
If you are using a newer version of Windows, simply make sure that you have downloaded and installed all available Windows Updates.
This is a problem that we have already resolved on the NA server, and no further action should be necessary to access the NA Central Marketplace - a more robust solution will be applied on the EU region as soon as possible.
For further information, please check out this article.


I had a 1 million Pre-Order on a Quint Statue before the Central Market update but now I can't locate it. How can I get my silver back?


  • Talk to the nearest <Marketplace Director> and click on Retrieve Items which will give you a new set of options.


  • Click on Manage Pre-Order and cancel the Pre-Order to get your silver back, you have to make sure that you are in the same region territory as the item you placed a Pre-Order on.


This article will be updated should more questions and/or issues arise.

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