Marketplace Pricing

In Black Desert Online, the marketplace is a dynamic environment and prices can fluctuate according to supply and demand. This means that the prices players can list items for are automatically limited to certain values. Every time a player lists or sells an item, the market's min/max price will adjust accordingly.

On certain occasions, it is normal that you might not be able to list your item as cheap as another that is already available on the market, as the market min/max price has been automatically adjusted since then.

As an example:

- Player A lists their Liverto Longsword on the market for 8M.

- A few days later, the weapon still hasn't been sold, but Player B wants to list the exact same item.

- After Player A listed their weapon, let's say a few other longswords were sold, raising their demand and causing the price range to go up.

- This would result in the market average being lower when Player A listed their item, than when Player B attempted to list theirs and player B wouldn't be able to list their weapon for less than, let's say, 9M.

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