[Pet Sizes] Wolf / Lynx: Exchanging & Pet Appearance Change coupon

With the arrival of the Borrum, Sylvian, Shadow Wolves and Twilight, Snowlight, Midnight Lynxes we are happy to see that our Adventurers are excited to be leaders of their own Wolf / Lynx Pack! :wolf::cat:

With this, we also noticed that there appears to be a bit of trouble during the process of making your Wolf/Lynx Pack and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Here is a [FAQ] that will answer your concerns!

I bought a Wolf / Lynx and a Pet Appearance Change Coupon from the Pearl Shop, I thought by being able to preview the different sizes of the Wolf / Lynx that I would be able to change the size of my Wolf / Lynx with the coupon but that isn't what happened. I can only change the color, why is that?

  • Even though it is possible to view the different sizes of the Wolf / Lynx in the Pearl Shop and it does appear as if it can be made possible with the coupon, using the coupon to change the size of your Wolf / Lynx freely will not work (we hope to have this clarified in a future update).


  • The only time you can change the size of your Wolf / Lynx with this coupon is if for example, you have a [Tier 3] Penguin and a [Tier 1] Wolf / Lynx that you exchanged, but you chose to keep the [Tier 1] appearance of the Wolf / Lynx... let's say you get a [Tier 3] Wolf / Lynx but it did not get bigger than the [Tier 1] Wolf / Lynx you originally had. To fix the size of your [Tier 3] Wolf / Lynx you can use the coupon to adjust its size accordingly.
  • If your Wolf / Lynx is the correct size you will only be able to change the color of your Wolf / Lynx with the coupon, as shown in the photo below.


I exchanged my [Tier 4] Dragon with my [Tier 1] Wolf / Lynx and chose to keep the Wolf / Lynx appearance but my Wolf / Lynx didn't get bigger, why is it still small???

  • As the tooltip states in the Pearl Shop, "When exchanging, the size of the selected pet will be inherited." Though this may generally apply when using [Tier 1] Wolves / Lynxes - this is the reason why your Wolf / Lynx still maintains the [Tier 1] size, however, this can be easily fixed.


  • For example, if my [MAIN] pet while exchanging is a Dragon, or any other [LIMITED] grade type pet - if you don't choose to keep the [Tier 1] Wolf / Lynx appearance you will receive the [MAIN] pet's appearance as the new pet. So here you can see we chose to keep the [Tier 1] appearance of my Wolf.


  • We received a [Tier 3] Wolf but it kept the [Tier 1] size, as shown here when comparing the new [Tier 3] with another [Tier 1] Wolf.


  • To fix this we used the Pet Appearance Change Coupon, which allowed us to give the Wolf its proper size.


*Note: We recommend choosing the same color because that is generally the key to knowing if your Wolf / Lynx is the wrong size or not. If your Wolf / Lynx is the correct size it will not allow you to choose the same color, if it isn't the correct size then it will allow you to choose the same color it currently is & it will update the size of your Wolf / Lynx.

  • Now here is what the fixed [Tier 3] sized Wolf looks compared to the [Tier 1] Wolf.


I've exchanged multiple Wolves / Lynxes but I don't see a size difference from Tiers 1-3, why are my Wolves / Lynxes still the same size?

  • If it does not update by using a Pet Appearance Change coupon (like the situations explained above) then that means your Wolves / Lynxes are their proper size. You may not notice a difference with Tiers 1-3 but we can assure you they do grow! We have put together a comparison of all Wolf / Lynx sizes that you can see here:
  • Please keep in mind that the Tier 3 Wolf is smaller than a Snow Wolfdog/German Shepherd and a Tier 4 Wolf is slightly bigger than those dogs, the Wolves are not as big as "Dire Wolves"!



 We will be updating this article daily should more issues or concerns arise, we hope this helps you in the meantime!

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