[Pets] Missing Pet Icon / Missing Pets

Missing Pet Icon? Missing certain Pets?



We are currently aware of an issue with disappearing Pet Icons/Pets and are looking into it.

In the meantime we recommend that you do the following to try to resolve this:

  • Switch Characters
  • Change channels (servers) and/or go to Character Selection and go back to your character
  • Clear Cache and re-log (2 ways you can do this): 


• Close your game client.

• Delete the UserCache folder in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Black Desert directory.

• Delete the Cache folder in your game installation folder.

Note that your UI and game settings will be lost, although keep in mind that you can use the Setting Archive function found at the top left of your Settings menu to save them online, giving you the opportunity to re-apply them.

Issue not solved?

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