Giant's Lightstone FAQ


The Giant's Lightstone quest is on almost every adventurer's radar, as it opens up the path to obtain the famed Awakened Spirit's Crystal. If you are having trouble completing this quest or lost any of its items, we have put together a quick FAQ to get you back on track in no time.

Table of Contents
1. Obtaining the Giant's Lightstone Powder
2. Lost quest item
3. Combining to create the Enhanced Bautt Lithograph

1) I am having trouble obtaining the Giant's Lightstone Powder. I interact with the Giant's Lightstone, but the powder isn't being given to me.

Answer: There are different lightstones you can interact with and you need to ensure that you are talking to the correct one. There are many community made guides that point out the correct location for the Giant's Lightstone.

If you are certain that you interacted with the correct stone, then please try changing channels and interacting with it once again.

2) I've obtained but lost one of my quest items (Barattan's Statement, Remains of the Bautt Lithograph or Giant's Lightstone Powder)

If you accidentally deleted or sold any of your quest items, there is no need to worry! Simply go back and talk to the Barattan Lancer and as long as you have obtained one of these items in the past and don't have that specific one in your inventory, he should grant you a new one. You can check if you already obtained this item by checking if you have its respective knowledge (H).

3) I cannot combine my Giant's Lightstone Powder, Remains of the Bautt Lithograph and Barattan's Statement to create the Enhanced Bautt Lithograph.

Answer: If you are unable to combine any item together, the first step is to ensure that you don't have auto-arrange turned on, as well as another combine-able item in your inventory. This is due to the fact that you can only combine one item at a time.

If you still have trouble, make sure the items are arranged in the following pattern:

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