EGX Game Keys

Greetings Adventurers,

Thank you for joining us at EGX and your interest in the game!

To redeem your Game Key, please fill in the information to complete your registration with the following link:

*Not available for Steam!

EGX keys cannot be used on accounts that already have a Gamepass attached (such as Gift pass holders, Starter's/Traveler's/Explorer's/Conqueror's package holders) - must create a new account or have a trial account prior to redeeming the code!

Once you have done this and verified your email address you will be able to claim your Game Key by using this link:



Please note that the keys are valid until October 7th, 2018 so you have up until the end of October 6th, 2018 to redeem your game!

*If you receive the error, "This code is invalid. Please input the code correctly." this is most likely due to numbers appearing as letters. For example, the number 1 may appear to be a capitalized "i" or the letter "O" may appear as zero and vice versa.

If you are still having a bit of trouble redeeming your game key or accessing the game please submit a ticket and our GM's will happily assist!

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