Enhancement Guide

Black Stones play a big role in the world of Black Desert. This is due to the ability of Black Stones to “Enhance” the abilities of existing items. If you have completed the quest [Awakening] Traces of Edana from the Black Spirit, you will have gained access to “Enhancement”, as well as the “Transfusion” functions.

  • Enhancement allows you to use items like Black Stones to enhance the ability of an item.
  • Transfusion allows you to place magic crystals into items to give that item more abilities.

Enhancement can be performed anytime if you have the necessary materials. It allows you to boost the AP or DP of an item by synthesizing items like Black Stone with certain items. Thus, it is recommended to try Enhancement when you have a Black Stone handy. If really need more black stones and don't mind your weapon being destroyed, you can even extract Black Stones back from enhanced weapons. This will return a proportional amount of Black Stones to the Enhancement level. However, the item itself will be destroyed. 

The first 15 levels for weapons and defense gear are named +1 ~ 15. The last 5 levels are called PRI (+16), DUO (+17), TRI (+18), TET (+19) & PEN (+20). For weapons, enhancing up to level +7 has no chance of failure and for defense gear, you cannot fail up to +5. After that, each time you attempt to enhance an item, there is a risk of failure.

Failing at Enhancement causes the Max Durability of your equipment to drop. Depending on the item & level, as well as the Max Durability reduction, once you get to DUO if you fail it will put the enhancement level back down to PRI. When you fail an enhancement on levels DUO and above it will drop an enhancement level. 

The higher the "Failstack" (Fs for short) the better the chance to get your upgrade your item, the chance is shown in the Enhancing window.

Do note that when you fail to enhance accessories (like Necklaces, Earrings, or Rings), the Enhancement material will be consumed as usual but unlike weapons or defense gear, the accessory you were trying to enhance will be destroyed.

※ The higher the Enhancement level, the bigger the drop in Max Durability will be for the item you are enhancing.


▲Select “Enhancement” in the Black Spirit menu to enhance your equipment.



As mentioned before, the first seven Enhancement levels (+1 ~ 7) for weapons and the first five (+1 ~ 5) for armor have no chance of failure while enhancing.

After you surpass those levels and there is a chance of your enhancement failing, you have the option to “Force-Enhance.” This function requires more Black Stones compared to regular enhancement. Also, as you enhance items of higher enhancement level, you will need to use more Black Stones and when you fail, more Max Durability will be lost.

If your item’s Max Durability falls below a certain threshold, you will no longer be able to enhance that item and you will need to recover the item’s Max Durability by visiting a Blacksmith.

Please be aware that if the Max Durability of an item falls to zero, that item can no longer be used.


▲ Although more Black Stones and Max Durability are consumed, Force-Enhance gives you a 100% Enhancement success rate.

There are also items called Pure Magical Black Stones, these items can be used in force enhancing but you lose a lot less Max Durability on your item.


▲There are different grades of this item for different grades of gear, Boss Gear and Green Gear Etc. As it mentions you can loot these from World Bosses and Field Bosses.

If you only enhanced the item to a level where is no chance of Enhancement failure (up to +7 for weapons and +5 for armor), you will get back exact number of Black Stones consumed.

If you enhanced the item beyond that level, you will get back at least the same amount of black stones as the Enhancement level of that item.


Increasing Enhancement Chance

When Enhancement fails, Enhancement Chance will increase by one. As Enhancement chance increases, the rate at which Enhancement will succeed will increase.


▲ When Enhancement fails, Enhancement Chance will increase by one for any accessory attempts and attempts from 8-15 for weapons and 6-15 for armors. From levels +15 - PRI you will gain 2 Fs, PRI - DUO is 3 Fs, DUO - TRI is 4 Fs, TRI - TET is 5 Fs and TET - PEN is 6 Fs.

When Enhancement Fails, the item’s Max Durability will also be reduced. For items between +1 ~ 15, if the Max Durability gets to 20, you will no longer be able to enhance the item and you will need to recover the Max Durability with a Blacksmith.

Therefore, you can try enhancing items like Reblath Armor which is easy to recover the Max Durability of to stack up on Enhancement Chance. Once you get to an Enhancement Chance of 10-15, you can try enhancing the item that you actually want to enhance. This technique is often called “failstacking” by our adventurers.

You can also use Valks’ Cry/Fairy's Blessing to increase your Enhancement success rate. Although there is no limit to how high the Enhancement Chance you get from failing to enhance can get, the Enhancement Chance you get from Valks' Cry/Fairy's Blessing (Valks Enhancement Chance) can only go up to 10.

There are and will be many ways to obtain Valks’ Cry. You can get Valks' Cry from the Loyalties tab for 100 Loyalties (with a limit of 5 per Family per week). You can also take outfits purchased from the Pearl Shop to a Blacksmith NPC to extract Valks’ Cry from them;  this is called “Outfit Extraction.” Lastly, Valks’ Cry is also expected to be available as droppable loot and/or event rewards.

Fairy’s Blessing

Fairy’s Blessing is a special addition which works the same as a Valks’ Cry. Upon use of Fairy’s Blessing x1, Valks Enhancement Chance will go up +1. Right-click the Fairy’s Blessing to use the item, then you can check the increase in Enhancement Change via the Enhancement window that opens up from the Black Spirit. Laila's Petal can be exchanged for a Fairy’s Blessing from Fairy Queen Theiah or Ceilyn. (Laila’s Petal can be obtained by defeating monsters, Gathering, and Fishing.)

  • Laila's Petal x10 → Fairy’s Blessing x1

Ceilyn is located to the right of Herawen in Kamasylve Temple. However, this exchange will not be activated when the quests “Laila's Scattered Petals” and “Mysterious Companion” are in progress.

Extract Enhancement Chance

Do you want to store your Enhancement Chance away and access them later?

You can use a Blacksmith’s Secret Book item to extract them into an Advice of Valks item.


▲ Blacksmith’s Secret Book items can be bought from Blacksmith or Armor Vendor NPCs.

However, before you buy a Blacksmith’s Secret Book you should know that the number indicated in the names of the different Blacksmith’s Secret Books indicate the maximum amount of Enhancement Chance that you can extract.

For example, if you currently have an Enhancement Chance of +21, you cannot use Blacksmith's Secret Book - 20 but Blacksmith's Secret Book - 30.

Once you have bought the correct Blacksmith’s Secret Book, you can summon the Black Spirit to open the Enhancement window. There should be a special "Extract Chance" button if you have your Blacksmith’s Secret Book in your inventory.


▲ Click on the button to open the Extract Chance window.

To extract your Enhancement Chance, click on the button above to open the window, right-click on the Blacksmith’s Secret Book, and then press the “Extract Chance” button on the bottom. You will then get an Advice of Valks item corresponding to the amount of Enhancement Chance you had.

Keep in mind that any Enhancement Chance you got from Valks' Cry will not be extracted. Only the Enhancement Chance you get from failing to enhance an item will be extracted, and that Enhancement Chance will become 0. The Enhancement Chance you get from Valks’ Cry will remain untouched.


Choosing An Enhancement Type

When you are enhancing green-grade items that are +14 or lower in Enhancement level, you can sometimes choose between two Enhancement types: Enhance or Durability.


You can choose "Enhance" to increase your Enhancement success rate. If you chose "Durability" your Enhancement success rate will be lower, but the amount of Max Durability reduced upon Enhancement failure will also be lower.


Cron Stone

For defense gear and armor beyond Enhancement level +15, we have: PRI (I), DUO (II), TRI (III), TET (IV), and PEN (V). When you fail to enhance these items beyond level PRI (I), your gear’s Enhancement level will degrade one level.

When you enhance accessories they skip levels +1-15 and go straight to PRI (I), DUO (II), TRI (III), TET (IV), and PEN (V). When you fail to enhance accessories, they will be destroyed.

This is where Cron Stones come in. You can use Cron Stones to prevent your weapons or defense gear from falling in their Enhancement Level, or to prevent your accessory from being destroyed. However, there is still a chance your accessory may fall in Enhancement level.


▲ Select the Safe-Enhance option in the Enhancement UI to use Cron Stones.

Blacksmiths sell Cron Stones and they can also extract Cron Stones from outfits from the Pearl Shop. The amount of Cron Stones needed to Safe-Enhance an item depends on the item’s current Marketplace value.

Cron Stones will be consumed regardless of whether you succeed or fail at the Enhancement. As well as the latter, when using Cron Stones, your Enhancement Chance will not increase even if you failed at your Enhancement attempt. Instead, when you have used Cron Stones to enhance a non-accessory item and failed, 5% of the number of Cron Stones you used will be added to your Upgrade Enhancement EXP (you can find more about Caphras Enhancement below).


Caphras Stone

Similarly to black stones, you can use Caphras Stones to improve your gear. Once your item is combined with the Caphras Stone, it will gain EXP and as your item increases in level it will gain a boost in stats. Once it has reached the maximum Caphras Level of 20 the ‘Upgrade Enhancement’ button will become activated and your gear can be enhanced to the next level (i.e. III→IV), provided it is at Max Durability. Although, be warned, this will reduce Durability to 0 and reset the Caphras Level!

You can get Caphras Stone x1 by performing Simple Alchemy with 5x Ancient Spirit Dust and 1x Black Stone (Weapon/Armor).

You can get Caphras Stone x10 at once by performing Simple Alchemy with 50x Ancient Spirit Dust, 10x Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) and 1x Black Stone Powder. However, you will get the same amount of Alchemy EXP as when you make the stones one by one.

You can obtain both the Caphras Stone and the Ancient Spirit Dust (needed to craft the stone) from Mining, Underwater Gathering, Gathering, or from defeating monsters in areas of Balenos, Valencia and Kamasylvia.

The areas where Ancient Spirit Dust and Caphras Stone can be obtained are the following: Balenos region, Bashim Base, Desert Naga Temple, Titium Valley, Gahaz Bandit's Lair, Cadry Ruins, Taphtar Plain (Centaurus Herd), Basilisk Den, Crescent Shrine, Pila Ku Jail, Roud Sulfur Mine, Polly's Forest, Fadus Habitat, Navarn Steppe, Tooth Fairy Forest (Forest Ronaros), Manshaum Forest, Mirumok Ruins, Gyfin Rhasia Temple and more.

※ Caphras Stone drop at a higher rate in Kamayslvian regions compared to Valencian regions.


Caphras Enhancement

You can use Caphras Stones to enhance weapons and defense gear that are at level TRI (III) or above. Summon the Black Spirit, go to the Enhancement window, and select “Caphras Enhancement” to access this function.

Caphras Enhancement has 20 levels.

If you combine a weapon or defense gear that is at least level TRI (III) with Caphras Stones, you can gain EXP to get to the next Caphras level.


Gain EXP to get the next Caphras level. As you go up in levels, you unlock new effects.

Once you get to level 20, the “Force-Enhance” button will become activated. You can use this to enhance your gear to the next Enhancement level (i.e. III→IV, IV→V).

To Force-Enhance using the Caphras Enhancement, the item you are trying to enhance must have 100 Max Durability. After the Enhancement, the item’s Max Durability will become 0 and the Caphras level will be reset.

Please note that if you fail at regular Enhancement and your item’s Enhancement level falls, only 50% of the Upgrade Enhancement EXP will be kept. On the other hand, if you succeed at regular Enhancement, 10% of your Upgrade Enhancement EXP will be kept.


Caphras Enhancement Level bonus stats

※ The increase in buff stats per level will not be stacked.

※ When an item that has undergone Upgrade Enhancement via Caphras Enhancement is registered to the Marketplace, its Upgrade Enhancement stats will reset.


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