Remastered - FAQ

Greetings adventurers,

With the update of the August 23rd, 2018, the Black Desert Online Remastered version was introduced.
With vibrant graphics, audio and a more convenient UI, we tried to capture the pulse of Black Desert Online.

For those who have already experienced Black Desert Online, the Remastered version will offer an entirely different feeling to the gameplay.

We have also received a lot of questions regarding the Remastered update, so please read on below for your answers!

How do you set up the Remastered mode?

An adventurer stated this after the Remastered mode update, “I heard BDO was just remastered; well... I don’t know what has actually changed!”

By default, the Remastered Mode is turned off, and can be turned on in the settings:
ESC > Settings > Performance > Display Settings > Display Quality > High-end Graphics.



What is Ultra Mode?

Many of you may have been surprised to find this new Ultra Mode button along with your Remastered Mode option.

Ultra Mode brings up the graphic quality to the limit which promises best screenshots and video. For anyone who wants to capture the best moments in BDO in its prime quality, we suggest trying out Ultra Mode.
However, we do want to remind you Ultra Mode may not be best for smooth gameplay as it requires highest specs in your PC. We only suggest you to turn this mode on when taking screenshots or video.

What are the good things about playing in Remastered Mode?

The metallic gold outfits that could have looked somewhat scary before... well now it will look awesome! You will also realize how handsome the Striker actually is!


With attention to detail in the shadows, the Dark Knight will look flashier than ever!


A much more realistic display of the ocean will make you feel like you are on a vacation at the beach!



There were many other parts that were improved, so make sure to check out all the changes yourself!

The night is too dark in Remastered Mode.

For a more realistic display of lighting, the night will look much darker in Remastered Mode. For those who enjoy hunting at night, this could be discomforting. But don't worry! Luckily you can purchase an ‘Atanis Firefly’ for 100 silver from a General Goods Vendor or for 10 Loyalties from the Loyalties tab in the Pearl Shop (F3). Light up the dark roads with your very own Atanis Firefly!

The general goods vendor

Atanis_Firefly_in_use.jpgThe Atanis Firefly lights up your surroundings

It is simply too bright in Remastered Mode!

More realistic! More vivid! ... is what we tried to achieve and yes we do accept this may have strained your eyes a bit. We acknowledge the fact the lighting and some other features may be a bit over the top and inconvenient at present, and we aim to improve upon these points in the near future. We hope your eyes will bear with us until then!

Can we use the old HP, Contribution, Energy Bars?

The new UI was created to be more visibly appealing to your eyes, but as with all new things, some adventurers may prefer the old version instead. If that is the case, you can bring back the old bar UI under the following settings:
ESC > Edit UI > Custom HP Bar

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