[Client] General Client Troubleshooting

This article will contain general troubleshooting procedures and suggestions on a variety of common Client problems.

First things first!

The client has usually two states: it will work - or it won't. Once it's up and running, the issues that may pop up will mostly be related to external sources. A few things to look out for are:

  • Drivers - Make sure that your graphics card driver is up to date and working properly. If you have any suspicion that they might be malfunctioning, proceed with reading this article.
  • System errors - Is your computer acting funky in general? The Technical Support team will often come across cases where the systems in question is experiencing regular BSODs and application crashes, hinting towards a broader system issue.

Other players' effects are not visible

There are several options that may result in other players' effects being invisible; a list of them can be found below.

  • Auto Frame Optimizer - this option will turn other players' effects and pets off in order to boost your FPS.
  • Remove other players' effects
  • Graphical Effects Optimization

Failed to create device

This error is usually the result of outdated graphics card drivers. Updating them to the latest version available for your model should resolve the problem.

Game looks "pixely" even at the correct resolution

If you are confident that your game resolution matches the resolution of your monitor, texture pixelation may be caused due to the "Upscale" option found in your in-game settings.​

Objects / NPCs popping in

You may have noticed that sometimes objects or NPCs will randomly pop in on your screen while you move around the world, as if they weren't loaded before.

This is a common optimization measure in games with a fully seamless world absent of loading screens. Due to the volume of assets the game has, most of the objects (including meshes & textures) and their effects are dynamically allocated to your RAM, resulting in a pop in effect at times. To alleviate this, you may turn on the "High-end mode" option to reduce this effect, with the cost of a big performance impact.

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