Night Vendor


The Night Vendor, Patrigio, is a special merchant that only appears in the dead of night in major cities. He offers a wide variety of items fir sale at the cost of Energy, some at a healthy discount from their normal prices and others that are hard to come across. 


The Night Vendor, Patrigio, offers special items at his own price(s).

  • If you click the ‘Hold’ button for an item, the item will be reserved for 15 minutes.

  • When you open the market within the time limit for the reserved item, you will see the item you have booked without consuming energy.

  • Please note that the displayed holding time is your PC's local time, not the in-game time.
  • Even though the night time may have potentially passed (22:00~07:00) you can still open the store window and purchase the reserved item, as long as it remains inside the time window. (You cannot view other items outside of the normal Night Vendor operation)

  • If you click to view another item while you have an item on hold, the hold will be automatically canceled.

  • The reserved item will be family bound; players cannot book multiple items from multiple characters.

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