[Xigncode] General Xigncode Troubleshooting

This article will contain general troubleshooting procedures and suggestions on a variety of common Xigncode problems.

First things first!

Xigncode is a delicate software, working in the background while your game is running. While most of your applications will not cause any issues, it is possible that one of them is falsely "suspected" as potentially malicious (without this meaning that it actually is); in this case, you can send an blank email to with your xigncode.log as an attachment, to get more information regarding the detection.

If the automated scan service is does not provide insightful results, you can open a new ticket and one of our Technical Support agents will get back to you with more information as soon as possible.


AutoHotKey (AHK) Scripts

All AHK scripts are prohibited from use. If any is found on your system (in use or not), while Xigncode is running, the game will halt.


Background applications

Oftentimes programs or processes running in the background can affect Xigncode negatively. When in trouble, it is advised that you restart your system with a clean boot; if Xigncode completes initialization, you may be able to find the problematic application though a one by one process elimination.


Error Code 0xE0191014

This error code is caused when multiple instances of the game are running. You can find more information here.

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