Dim Magical Armor/Weapon Phase Out


With the addition of the Naru Gear, the Dim Magical Armor/Weapons are being phased out of Black Desert Online. In the below details you will find helpful information regarding the Naru Gear as well as how Dim Magical Equipment has been affected.

Table of Contents
1. Dim Magical Armor/Weapon changes
2. Naru Gear
3. Upgraded Dim Items

Dim Magical Armor/Weapon Changes

As of our July 15th Patch Notes, the Magical Armor & Weapon Exchange quests and related gear are being phased out of the game and both the gear and quests are no longer attainable in-game. As such, we are unable to send out this gear if the quests are no longer active on the account.

The Magical Armor (e.g. Dim Magical Armor) and Magical Sub-weapon Boxes were removed from main quest rewards, the following quests can no longer be accepted from Becker or Bacho Ladericcio.
[Repeat] Bacho Ladericcio's Magical Armor
[Repeat] Becker and the Magical Sub-weapon

*You can still obtain Roaring Magical Armor by completing the Mediah main quest "[Boss] Illezra's Servant."

Changed the quest "Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I" to only appear if you have a Dim Magical Sub-weapon in your possession and removed its prerequisite quest "Cleansing the Lava Cave." from your active quests,, and likewise, changed the quest "Magic Armor Exchange I" to only appear if you have a Dim Magical Armor in your possession.

Both quests require the completion of the Calpheon questline, either [Boss] Witch-Hunting for characters on the old questline, or Looking for Adventurers for characters on the new questline. To check which questline your character is on, simply open your questlog (O) and go to "Main". The last quest before the start of the Mediah questline is your prerequisite quest:

Questlog of a character on the new questline

Please do keep in mind that the Roaring Magical Armor can still be acquired by completing the quest [Boss] Illezra's Servant.

We understand that this gear was valuable to many players for their in-game progression, so while the Magical Exchange gear is no longer available, we have introduced the Naru Gear as reward for completing many of the major region questlines.

This gear can be acquired by completing the main questlines in Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah if you have not already done so.

Information About The New Naru Gear

  • You can get this new gear instead of certain gear that was given out as rewards for completing main quests in Serendia and Calpheon. 

  • Naru gear was designed for adventuring in Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah. As you complete the main quests in these regions, you will be able to get the new Beginner Black Stones needed for enhancing this new gear.

    • You cannot receive Beginner Black Stones in retrospect for main quests already finished. 

  • Because Naru gear was made for adventurers who are just starting out on their adventures, we have made them easier to enhance, with an even higher chance for success compared to Tuvala gear. You also need less Cron Stones for safe enhancement. In fact, you'll only need 3 for trying to enhance from TET to PEN! Therefore, be sure to give enhancing them a go! 

  • If a season is running, season characters can go to Fughar the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager after completing the Mediah main quests to trade in your PEN Naru gear for PRI Tuvala gear, which should serve you better as you journey onward to new horizons.

  • You can only enhance Naru accessories (i.e. earring, necklace, belt, and ring) to TRI level.

Please note, you must have the quest type “Other” activated in your quest filters to see these quests.


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