Dim Magical Armor/Sub-weapon Replacements

Table of Contents
1. Dim Magical Armor
2. Dim Magical Sub-weapon
3. Upgraded Dim Items


If you accidentally deleted or lost a base (not upgraded) Dim Magical Armor or Sub-weapon, you can obtain a replacement via in-game.

As all quest-lines leading to the Token of Promise rewards have been removed from the game, we released a pair of quests in our April 22nd Patch Notes to help you re-acquire these lost Dim Magical items!

Here is an excerpt from the Patch Notes:


Dim Magical Armor


  • Location: Abandoned Monastery, West of Calpheon CityLocation.PNG


Dim Magical Sub-weapon


  • Location: Northwest of Hexe Sanctuary Node, East of BehrLocation2.PNG


Please note, you must have the quest type “Other” activated in your quest filters to see these quests.



Upgraded Dim Items

If you lost any of the upgraded versions, please submit a ticket with the information below:

  • The exact name of the quest you are on. (example: Magic Armor Exchange III)
  • Screenshot of your quest log showing the above quest.
  • The exact name of the item you are missing (example: Freed Magical Armor)
  • Date and time that you deleted the item in question (If possible)

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