How the Pearl Shop layout works

There will be times when you would like an individual item from an Outfit Set or Furniture Set on the Pearl Shop but you're just not quite sure how it works - no need to worry as this article will guide you!

It is generally important to pay attention to the 'Item Information' as the section above it can sometimes be a bit confusing.

*Please note that not all Outfit Sets/Furniture Sets will give you the option to choose individual items!


Highlighted section 1) You can choose from the 3 sets available

Highlighted section 2) If you do not want a set you can choose individual items


A Premium Set for 3,400 Pearls will include all items: Helmet, Armor, Shoes, Lancia, Longsword, and Shield


A Classic set for 2,900 Pearls will only include: Helmet, Armor, Shoes, Longsword and Shield (Excludes Awakening Weapon)


The Outfit set for 2,200 Pearl will only include: Helmet, Armor, and Shoes


Individual items will vary in price but you will have the ability to choose 1+ items if you do not want to purchase a set.

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