Terrmian Waterpark FAQ

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  • The Terrmian Possessed Spirits are untargetable, I cannot hit them with the Terrmian Fruit!

 *Resolved with the July 11th Patch: "You can now attack monsters in safe zones even when a World Boss has appeared."

At the moment, this will only occur because a World Boss has spawned, after the Boss has been defeated you will be able to target the Terrmian Possessed Spirits and complete your quest. If you would like to know when the World Bosses spawn please take a look at the schedule here.

  • I can’t get on my mount and/or I can’t jump!

If you have the Terrmian Fruit equipped you will not be able to mount or jump until you have unequipped it.

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  • I can’t purchase a Practice Matchlock from Harrio!

 Harrio does not sell the Practice Matchlock, you will have to interact with the Shooting Stand in order to purchase one.

  • I can’t purchase a new Practice Matchlock to shoot the Terrmian Possessed Spirits at the Shooting Stand! 

You have to accept the quest from Harrio first and then the Terrmian Shooting Stand will allow you to purchase one. If you have another Practice Matchlock (even with 0 durability) in your inventory you will not be able to purchase a new one until you have discarded it.

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  • I can't assemble my Cannon!

If you have the Terrmian Fruit equipped you will not be able to build your cannon until you have unequipped it.

  • I accidentally put my Coconut Cannonballs in the wrong Cannon and now I can’t take them out! 

Please be careful and make sure to place them into your own Cannon as the Terrmian Coin and Coconut Cannonballs will not be restored.

  • Someone destroyed my Cannon / my Cannon expired before I got to use it and now my Coconut Cannonballs are gone! 

We recommend that you only use 1 Coconut Cannonball at a time to avoid losing them all at once.

  • I was killed while fishing! I thought the Terrmian Waterpark was a Safe Zone!

The Cannon area is marked as a ‘Combat Zone’ as it is impossible to use Cannons in a Safe Zone. To make sure you’re in a Safe Zone please look at your mini map to determine whether you’re fishing in a safe area or not.


[Red Text] = Combat Zone
Light Blue Text] = Safe Zone

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