Redeeming your Guest Pass or Starter's Package

Greetings Adventurers!

There seems to be some confusion on where exactly to redeem your Guest Pass or Game Pass.

You can only use 1 Guest Pass per account. Please know that the 7 day trial starts immediately after you redeem it.

Those who currently have a Guest Pass account and hold another Guest Pass cannot redeem it on the same account again, you will need to be gifted a Starter’s Package or purchase one of the available packages found through this link.

If you wish to keep your game process from your Guest Pass account when you purchase the game, make sure to purchase/activate the game pass on the same account.

How to gift the game to someone

You can gift the game to someone by simply scrolling down on our Game Pass purchase page, and clicking the "Gift for 9.99 €" button.

After you finish the payment, you will get a Game Pass code which your friend can activate here.

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