Pet Breeding aka Exchanging

You can exchange/breed 2 pets together to obtain a new pet with a chance of it being a higher tier than the parents. However, in doing so, those 2 parents will be destroyed which means you will no longer have these pets (once this happens the support team will not restore or undo the breeding of any lost pets as this process is a permanent action).

This is currently the only way to increase the Tier of your pet.

Important to note:

  • Breeding pets will destroy the parents, so you will only keep the newly made pet and not the 2 previous ones.
  • Unlike horses, a pet can only breed once and cannot be reset. It can be compared to Horse Exchanging instead of Horse Breeding.
  • You can not undo an exchange/breeding.
  • The Tier of the new pet is decided randomly and there is no guarantee that your new pet will have a higher Tier than the parents.
  • You can not exchange pets that are more than 1 Tier apart. For example, you can exchange a Tier 1 pet with a Tier 2 pet, but not a Tier 1 pet with a Tier 3 pet.
  • Your pet's special command (ex. Resource detect) may change after exchanging. So it is possible that a cat will get the 'Hostile Player Detect' command for example, which is normally a dog's special command.
  • You can only breed pets that have the 'same species' tag. You can see these tags marked in red on the pets Item Information section on the Pearl Store.

An example of two pets that are unable to breed are shown below:

The Scarlet Macaw will only breed with other members of the 'Scarlet Macaw' species and as an example, will not breed with any member of the Hawk species.

Pet Breeding Guide

To open the Pet Exchange window, open your Pet List first and press the "Exchange" button at the bottom:

This will open the Pet Exchange window:

To add a pet, press the button next to your pet on the Pet List:

  1. Here you can select which appearance of the two pets you definitely want to keep, and which of the two pet's skills you want to keep. You can do so by ticking the according checkboxes below each pet.
  2. Or you can choose to not keep any appearance/skills with the buttons "Not transfer appearance" and "Not transfer skill". Doing so will give you a random appearance and random skills.
    This window shows you what your new pet will be like. In my above example, I'm getting a random appearance and keeping my fishing buff skills.

After you press confirm, you'll get a brand new pet!

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