Account Security

Please review the following information in order to protect your Black Desert Online Account from malicious access:

These can be hidden on your PC, causing damage to your files, affecting the performance of software or even your hardware. They commonly get on your system through email attachments or other downloads. Once your system is infected it can be difficult to remove them. You will find further information below that will help you if you think you have one.

These can monitor your PC and also affect its performance. Its also the most common way for people to get hold of your passwords so they can access any internet accounts you have, including your Black Desert Online account. You can find some more information below about software you can install to detect and remove these.

In order to protect your account from malicious access please take the following steps;

  • Reset your Black Desert Online password often!
  • Use an Anti-Virus of your choice. Avast or Kaspersky offer good services.
  • Avast also doubles as an Anti-Rootkit which can help hide Viruses, Keyloggers or Trojans.
  • Download and run MalwareBytes, this scans for keylogger Malwares on your PC, which may not be picked up by normal anti-virus software.
  • Use a complex and secure password.
  • Regularly change the Password & Security questions for all of your email addresses & accounts online.
  • Make sure your passwords for Black Desert, your E-Mail Address, and all social media websites are all different.
  • Download all Adobe Flash Updates. This will patch vulnerabilities that will allow hackers to install malware on your computer.
  • Ensure windows is up to date, especially any critical updates as these may protect you against known keyloggers or malware.

Some general tips;

  • Never share your account with another person.
  • Never buy from a Third Party Website. Accounts and Daum Cash can only be legitimately bought through our own official website.
  • Beware of phishing attempts, such as players asking for hints related to yourself, or your account information.
  • If playing on another computer, make sure your account e-mail is NOT saved on the launcher.
  • If you ever receive an e-mail from BDO, always make sure it's verified.
  • A strong Password is the difference between getting cracked, and having an invincible account.
  • We will never advertise things such as Free Pearls in game via the in-game chat. All promotions can be found on our website.
  • A Kakao employee will never ask for your password.

If you do believe you have been hacked, please contact Customer Support immediately by sending in a ticket below.

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