1. Normal Dyes

Dye boxes and bundles can be purchased via the Cash Shop (F3). Each bundle has a specific range of color, and the dye you get is random, within that range. For example, an Unknown Dye Box, or Bundle, has a chance to give you any color, including rare colors like Black or Silver. A Turquoise Dye Box or Bundle will give you colors ranging between green and blue.

When opening a Dye box or bundle, the dyes will be automatically added in your Pearl inventory. You can open the Pearl inventory by first opening your regular inventory (I) and then clicking the "Pearl" tab on top.

Note that everything is contained within the Pearl tab

The Dye Palette

If you attempt to right click the dye in your Pearl inventory - nothing will happen. This is because you need to open the palette first. There is no hotkey for this tab and players need to manually open the Palette by clicking the Palette button on the inventory:


You will then see the following screen:

Only the items that can be interacted with are highlighted in the inventory with the non-related items being greyed out.

Once you are within the palette, right click the dye to add it to your palette.


In your dye palette, there are several tabs where the styles of dye, such as Velian or Olivian, are separated. If you cannot immediately find your own dyes, check out the other tabs first.



The larger set of tabs, highlighted above, toggle between showing all dye and only the owned dye – in other words, those manually added to the Palette. The second and smaller set of tabs highlighted below, filter by the Dyes region.



Using the dye

You do not apply dye to things directly from your palette, instead you open the Dye page via the escape menu or using the default hotkey of J.


The Dye page has a lot of information. Here is a quick breakdown:


1. Dye Target. Choose whether you want to work on your:

  • Character
  • Summoned mount armor
  • Summoned vehicle
  • Summoned mount

2. Choose the area of the Dye Target to dye

  • i.e. for character you can choose the gear slots on your character.

3. Sections of the chosen item that can be dyed individually

  • You do this by selecting the color and then selecting the slot. You will see a preview of the color on your character.
  • You can apply multiple dyes at once, using each slot available.

4. Dye Selection:

  • Your dye palette and the several tabs of it. Here you can select which dye you want to use.
  • You can also select the Merv's Palette here:

5. Visual options:

  • You can see the armor with durability loss, with visor open or closed, etc.
  • Press the Dye button to confirm your dyes.

6. Character and backdrop settings

  • Pose
  • Weather
  • Look direction
  • UI toggle

7. Inventory

Each dye can be used only once, so you will need multiples of a specific color, if you want to dye all of the different parts of your armor, outfit, or other items. When you click on a specific area to dye, it will light up and begin to flash. You can then select the dye you want to see, and look at the color, before you apply it. To apply the dye to your items, click the “Dye” button at the bottom of the window. If you do not have enough dye, your changes will not be applied and you will ejected from the Dye menu.

Removing a dye from your Palette


You can remove dye from a palette by left-clicking the dye, making it your active selection and then choosing how many to take out:


Combining dyes

You can combine 2 unwanted dyes to gain 1 new random dye. To do this, open the "Combine" window from the escape menu:


Then place in the 2 unwanted dyes by right clicking them:


Press the Combine button, and you will receive a new random dye.

2. Merv's Palette

If you activate a Value Pack, you will gain access to Merv's Palette.


This palette allows you to dye any armor as you like for free. However, the dyes will be reverted to normal once your Value Pack buff ends, so these are only temporary dyes.


Before you can use the Merv's Palette on an item, you will need to make sure that no normal dyes are currently applied to it. If there are, you will need to remove these first by using Bleach. Bleach can be used in the same way as normal dyes, through your normal Dye Palette (not the Merv's Palette).

Note: Bleach is permanent, and will not be reverted even after your Value Pack buff ends.

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