Basteer Weapons


In the Delphe Knights Castle you will find a set of Main and Sub-Weapons that will help you progress through your journey on Black Desert Online called the Basteer Weapons. This article aims to assist with any issues that might arise with these two quest weapons. 

Table of Contents
1. What is the Basteer Weapon?
2. Enhancing the Basteer Weapon
3. Issues with Basteer
3a. I deleted my Basteer Weapon
3b. I forfeited the quest
3c. I deleted my Black Stone (Basteer)
3d. Other issues

What is the Basteer Weapon?

The Basteer weapon is a quest reward from the Black Spirit Quest “Better Weapon Needed” (If you play Archer you will need this version of the quest 'Better Weapon Needed!'). It will be the main hand weapon for your specific class and is necessary for a quest further in the line.

Enhancing the Basteer Weapon

The Basteer weapon can only be enchanted with a Black Stone (Basteer). This stone is given to you via the quest “Desire for Power”.

If you need the Ultimate Basteer weapon for the Black Spirit Quests, you can use an Ultimate Styd for the same purpose. This can be purchased from the Marketplace.

Issues with Basteer

I deleted my Basteer Weapon

If you accidentally delete your Basteer weapon, your Black Spirit will instruct you on how to replace it. You will need to trade a Black Stone (Weapon) to the blacksmith (Granbill) in Delphe Castle to get a new Basteer Weapon.

I forfeited the quest

If you forfeited the quest you can get it again from Granbill, you can find him in the location marked on this image:



I deleted my Black Stone (Basteer)

If you accidentally delete the Black Stone (Basteer), forfeit the quest “Desire for Power” and re-accept it. (Each class has its own version of the quest, but the process is the same)

Other issues

If you do not have these stones or the funds to purchase one please contact our Support team and provide us with an approximate date and time you deleted your Basteer Weapon as well as the character name it was on.

We will check your logs and if found we will be able to restore the weapon for you.

Issue not solved?

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