This article will discuss Black Desert Online's Node system as well as issues pertaining to connecting nodes.

Table of Contents
1. What are Nodes?
2. Failure to Connect Nodes

What are Nodes?

A node is an area of a territory, often important landmarks, towns or Monster Zones, that offer various gameplay functions. 

There are many different kinds of nodes such:

  • City
  • Town
  • Trade
  • Gateway
  • Danger


Example of a Node with Production sub nodes:

For a detailed explanation of Black Desert Online's node system, click here

Failure to Connect Nodes

Connecting to a node may fail for a number of reasons. Follow these helpful tips to connect to a node:

  • Check to make sure you have enough contribution. If you ever withdraw from a node your contribution will be returned to you.
  • Check to make sure you have all of the prerequisite nodes connected. When connecting nodes you must start at a city or capital and travel outward.  If you look at your map, you can see the thin lines that connect all of the nodes.
  • If you do not see where a node connects to, go to the node area and try to discover the nodes around it.

Example of connecting node lines:

The nodes marked with orange lines are connected, while the nodes marked with white lines are not connected yet.

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