Family and character name changes

You can purchase a Name Change Reservation Coupon in our ingame Pearl Shop (F3) to change your Family or Character name.

  • Family Name Change Reservation Coupon: 1000 Pearls
  • Character Name Change Reservation Coupon: 1000 Pearls

After using this coupon, the name change will be applied during our next maintenance. So don't worry if you don't see the change immediately, it's normal!

Please note that there is will be no second confirmation pop-up after choosing your new name. If it is available, it will be registered immediately. So be careful as you can't "try out" names to see if they are available.

Customer Support will not change your name for you.


If you have used your coupon and chose the wrong name, you can request for Customer Support to cancel this namechange. For this, please submit a ticket before the next maintenance, otherwise we will be too late to cancel it.

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