Value Pack

A Value Pack is a temporary family-wide buff that provides the following benefits:

  • Inventory Expansion 16 slots
  • Storage Expansion 16 slots
  • Combat/Skill/Life/Horse EXP +10%
  • Distant Node Investment (Consumes 10 Energy)
  • Max Weight Limit +100LT
  • 30% bonus to the Marketplace sales collection amount
  • Unlimited use of the Merv's Palette
  • Unlimited Beauty Salon
  • Barter Refresh Count +1
  • Required Parley for Barter - 10%
  • Allows you to remotely check or skip Special Barter

You can buy a Value Pack through Pearls, Loyalties, or win one from an event. Additionally, you will get a free Value Pack when you buy the game:

  • 1500 Pearls: Value Pack (30 days)
  • 1400 Loyalties: Value Pack (1 day)
  • Traveler’s Package: 1x Value Pack (30 days), 5x Elion's Blessing, 10x Bleach
  • Explorer’s Package: 2x Value Pack (30 days), 10x Elion's Blessing, 20x Bleach
  • Conqueror’s Package (pre-order only): 3x Value Pack (30 days), 15x Elion's Blessing, 30x Bleach

The Value Pack(s) you get from buying a Game package will be available as coupons on your account page.

How do I know if I have a value pack active?

There is a buff that is shown at the top of your screen if you have the buff active.

The backpack icon on the very left is the Value Pack. When hovering over it, the remaining time until the Value Pack expires will be shown.

Can I activate multiple Value Packs?

Yes, if you activate multiple Value Packs the time will simply stack.

What happens to the extra storage and inventory slots after the Value Pack expires?

The extra slots will become locked, and items still in those slots cannot be used until you take them out of the locked slots. You will not lose any items if you accidentally leave them in these slots, but they will simply be locked out until you move them.

What if I already have max inventory / storage slots?

You will not be able to surpass the maximum amount of 192 inventory / storage slots. If you already had 192 slots, it will remain at that amount.

How does Merv's Palette work?

With Merv's Palette, you are able to try out all dyes available in the game, even if you don't actually have them added in your Dye Palette. These dyes will be temporary, and will revert back once the Value Pack buff ends.

However, to be able to use Merv's Palette on your items, the item must not have any permanent dyes applied to it yet. If there are, you will need to Bleach these first.
You can use Bleach by adding it to your Dye Palette, and then using it as if it was a normal dye. For more information on how to use dyes, please refer to the Dye article.

Note: Bleach is permanent, and will not revert after the Value Pack expires.

What is "Unlimited Beauty Salon"?

This means you can access the Character Appearance change UI and change your character appearance in any safe zone as long as you have the Value Pack active.

Will my character appearance revert after the Value Pack expires?

No, the changes your character appearance will remain even after the Value Pack buff expires.

How does the 30% bonus to Marketplace sales collection amount work?

When collecting sales money from an item that was sold on the marketplace, you will receive an additional 30% on top of those sales money. Note: this bonus is 30% of the final sales amount that you normally receive, not the original sale price that you listed it for. Taxes are still applied.

For example, let's say you list an item on the marketplace for 1000 silver. When selling it, 35% taxes will be applied and the amount of silver you can collect will be 650 silver.
With the Value Pack buff, you will gain an extra 30% on that 650 silver. This means that you will now receive 845 silver (650 x 1,3).
So you are intended to receive 84.5% of your original listing price with the Value Pack buff.

Please note that the amount in red after selling an item, still shows the price with the full tax deducted. However, when you actually collect the silver, it will display the higher and correct amount. This is the amount you receive.

The Value Pack tax buff does not affect Pearl items that are bought from the Marketplace and resold. Pearl items purchased directly from the Pearl Shop will gain the benefit of the Value Pack tax buff when sold on the Marketplace. Pearl Items collected in other means (ex. website sale, included with package) will not have the bonus applied. It will also not apply to any horses sold through the horse market. 

What is "distant node investment"?

Normally, you must physically travel to a node manager of a node in order to invest contribution into it. With the Value Pack active, you will be able to invest contribution into a node without talking to the Node Manager, so no matter where you are in the world you can invest in nodes. However, doing so will cost 10 Energy. Players with the Value Pack active still have the option to talk directly to a Node Manager to invest with no energy cost.

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