Xigncode Error

Xigncode is an anti-cheat program that is used to ensure fair and legitimate gameplay occurs within the world of Black Desert Online.  Sometimes, certain programs can throw out errors that will interrupt your time in-game when they are in-fact harmless.

If you encounter any of these errors, you can try the following steps to resolve the error:

  • Even seemingly harmless programs can cause this problem, try closing all non-essential programs and restart the launcher.
  • Make sure all anti-virus and malware programs are up to date.
  • If you are using Bitdefender, toggle off the “Active Virus Control”.
  • If you are running any other games, close them and run Black Desert again.
  • Close any non-essential programs one by one to see which program may be interfering (i.e. MSI Afterburner, XMouse Button Control, RivaTuner)

If you are an Avast user:

  1. Open the Hidden Tray on your desktop
  2. Right click the Avast icon
  3. Click Open User Interface
  4. Click on the cogwheel in the top right corner of the Avast User Interface
  5. Switch to General Setting ( If not on it by default)
  6. Uncheck "Enable Deepscan​"
  7. Click OK

If you don't want to disable the complete "Active Virus Control" of Bitdefender, you can also add these XignCode files to the "Exclusions":

  • C:<your installation path>\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\1\xm.exe
  • C:<your installation path>\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\1\xxd-0.xem
  • C:<your installation path>\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\1\xcoronahost.xem
  • C:<your installation path>\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2\xm.exe
  • C:<your installation path>\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2\xxd-0.xem
  • C:<your installation path>\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2\xcoronahost.xem
  • C:\Windows\xhunter1.sys

Some of these files may not exist, so ignore it if it does not.

If these steps above do not solve the issue, please send in a ticket below detailing the exact error message, and attach your xingcode.log file. You should see it in the following folders:

  • C:<your installation path>\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\1\
  • C:<your installation path>\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2\

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