Corrupted game files

Sometimes it might happen that files in your storage device get corrupted, causing problems when the game engine is trying to load them and display the information that they contain to you. File corruption can be noticed in many ways, some of which are:

  • A "File is corrupted" error while running the game
  • An "Error while reading files. On 32bit environment, it could be memory issue" error while running the game.
  • Client freezes after entering a certain area/do a certain action/speak to a certain NPC etc.

In most cases, and granted your computer's hardware is healthy, a simple file repair will resolve the problem. To perform one, follow these instructions:

  • Open your Black Desert Online Launcher.
  • Click the cogwheel located on the top right corner of the Launcher window.
  • Next to "Repair Mode", click the "Click to start" button, and select "Yes" to initiate a file repair.

In case the button is grayed out for you, you can force the Launcher to repair by navigating to your installation directory and deleting the version.dat file located there.

If you are using Steam, use these instructions instead:

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