Naming Restrictions and Policies


Table of Contents
1. Naming Restrictions
2. Naming Policy

Naming Restrictions

  • Must be available.
  • Must be 3-16 characters in length.
  • May only contain alphabetic characters (A-Z), numeric characters (0-9) and underscore.
  • You can't use a letter more than 3 times consecutively.
  • A maximum of 4 numbers is allowed at the end of your name.
  • Underscore is allowed only once and can only occur between a minimum of 2 characters.
  • The letters either side of an underscore(_) must be capitalized.

Naming Policy

The User shall not use character names, family names, guild names, clan names and/or nicknames on the Website, the Forums and in the Game that are:

  • Vulgar, abusive, hateful, racist, defamatory, threatening, pornographic or sexually orientated;
  • Referring to inappropriate or private parts of the human body or bodily functions;
  • Referring to drugs or illegal activities;
  • Related to the Nazi regime;
  • Referring to religious figures or religious organizations;
  • Related to political regimes or personalities involved or suspected of violation of human rights;
  • Promoting violence, ethnical, racial or national hatred, hatred regarding sexual orientation;
  • Impersonating an existing person;
  • Violating the intellectual or industrial rights of a third party, including trademarks.
  • Promoting or encouraging suicide;
  • Intended to confuse or be difficult to track such as a barcode name (IlllIlllI);
  • Referring to illness/disease.

The use of alternate spelling, for instance by replacing letter with number, in order to violate the above mentioned rules shall be considered a violation of the naming policy as meant in this Article 12.1.2.

If you see a name that is a violation of our Terms of Use, please submit a ticket to Customer Support reporting it.

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