Marketplace Problems

The Marketplace in Black Desert has a unique interface, compared to other MMORPGs. Before submitting a ticket about your issue, be sure to check the following:

I’m not receiving the correct amount of silver for my sale:

In every region of the world of Black Desert there is a tax on all Marketplace sales. In addition to the region tax, there is also a guild tax. If a guild currently reigns in the region you are collecting your Marketplace sales in, then there will be both region and guild tax applied.
Usually, this tax will be 35%. So you will only receive 65% of the total amount of Silver Coins that you registered your item for.

I'm not receiving the correct amount of silver with my Value Pack:

There is some confusion regarding the tax system from the new Value Package buff. We can assure you that you are receiving the correct benefit. With the new system it is intended that you receive 84.5% of the sale price.

The amount in red after selling an item, still shows the price with the full tax deducted. However, when you actually collect the silver, it will display the higher and correct amount. This is the amount you receive.

Also please note that the Value Pack tax buff does not affect Pearl items that are bought from the Marketplace and resold. Pearl items purchased directly from the Pearl Shop will gain the benefit of the Value Pack tax buff when sold on the Marketplace.

I can’t purchase items from the Marketplace:

In the Black Desert Marketplace you can only purchase the cheapest listing of a specific item. This will be the top item in the display window. If you try to purchase this item and encounter an error try refreshing the Marketplace window.

You may have also noticed that some items have a little "B" icon on the top left of the item icon. This means it's a "Bidding" item.
The bidding system on the marketplace works like this: The system takes items with a high demand and low supply and automatically registers them as a Bidding item instead of a normal item. What this means is that the item can no longer be bought as a first-come first-serve item, but an extra layer of RNG is added. Once you try to buy the item and fill in the captcha correctly, you will have a chance of getting the item. Think of it like rolling a dice, and when you roll the correct number, you get the item, but when you roll the wrong number, you need to wait another turn.
If you fail to get the item, you are then locked out for 30 seconds, in order to allow other players a chance of trying as well. If noone rolls the correct number within 1 minute, it becomes a normal marketplace item and follows the rule of first-come first-serve.

I can’t set my item to sell at the price that I want:

The Marketplace pricing is controlled by the game. Every item has a set maximum and minimum that it can be sold for, so a player can not price an item outside of this range.

I can’t sell my weapon, armor. or jewelry:

In order to sell any weapon, armor, or jewelry piece the item has to be fully repaired and have 100 durability. You will also need to remove any gems that you have socketed in the item.

My listing expired but I can’t collect it:

Once a listing has expired, you can only collect the item in the region that you originally listed it in.

I can see the item I want to buy but it’s greyed out:

If an item is greyed out that means it was previously listed on the Marketplace but there are none currently available.

My registered items aren't showing up for other players:

When a registered item is priced way below/above the min/max pricerange of the market, it will no longer be shown to other players. You will either need to re-register your item then with a more appropriate price, or wait until the pricerange changes again to what you have listed.

My pre-order isn't working:

The reason why your pre-order did not work may be one of the following:

  • After you register a pre-order, it can take some time for it to become active.
  • Another player has pre-ordered the same item at a higher price, in which case it will be sold to them instead.
  • If you are trying to buy a piece of equipment, please note that pre-orders are enhancement-dependant. So if you place a pre-order for a +2 equipment item, and someone lists a +3 equipment item, your pre-order will not count for that.

Regardless of the above, there is also always a chance that an item will skip the pre-order phase and go directly onto the marketplace as a normal sale. This is an intended game mechanic.

Please keep in mind that player-to-player trade is not a feature in our game, and the marketplace pre-order system is not designed to be a workaround for this.

Note: If you win a pre-order, you will lose all of the money that you used to place the pre-order, even if the bought item was registered on the marketplace for less.

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