Items Claimed on the Wrong Character

For items that were claimed on the wrong character, for example:

  • Liverto Weapon Box
  • Kzarka Weapon Box
  • Play Time Rewards
  • Achievement Rewards
  • e.t.c.

If a player submits a ticket within 72 hours of the incorrect claim, Customer Support will remove the claimed item and re-send it to the appropriate character.  In the event of Weapon Boxes (or an item of similar functionality), the box itself will be sent, not an individual weapon.

If the player has used or sold the item in question, it will not be restored.

For example, if a player opens a Liverto Weapon Box on the wrong character, gets a Liverto Staff, and then sells the Liverto Staff. The player is not eligible to get the Liverto Weapon Box restored, even if the silver remains on their character.

Additionally, when players participate in Boss kills via Boss Scrolls (daily and weekly scrolls obtained via quests from the Black Spirit or from monster drops) they receive "Bundles" specific to that boss. These bundles have chances to give a player various rare drops, however these bundles do not drop armor boxes instead they drop the straight armor. Since these bundles can not be traded or stored in a warehouse, they are not affected by this policy.

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