Pearl Item Refund / Transfer Policy

We believe that our players should be confident whenever spending their pearls or loyalties and due to this, our support team has established an additional policy to offer assistance for situations when the wrong item has been purchased or something else has gone wrong.

The full details on this policy are below.

A player has 72 hours to submit a ticket after an item has been purchased, otherwise, the claim will be rejected. Customer Support can remove these purchased items and replace them with their value in Pearls.

To help expedite your ticket, please specify:

 - The items you want to see removed,
 - The location of the item (character, inventory, storage, etc).

Please note:

The Customer Support team are unable to refund/transfer;

  • Pets, maids or consumable items after the token/coupon has been used,
  • Combat/Skill Transfer coupons once the experience has been transferred,
  • Pearl Items purchased from the Marketplace,
  • Pearl Items purchased from the Event Cart,
  • Outfit boxes which include titles,
    • For example; the 'Heidel Masquerade' costume set with the bonus title, "All of Me"
  • Boxes that contain different items/pets that can be obtained at random once the box has been opened
    • For example; the Young Dragon Box or the Little Monster Box

The Customer Support team does not offer partial refunds, for example;

  • Game pass package items (Travelers, Explorers, etc),
  • Individual items from a box (Outfit sets, etc),
  • Special bundle deals (Amerigo's Welcome Package, Gone Fishing packages, etc).

Boxes and Bundles will only be removed and replaced with the equivalent value in pearls, providing no items from the purchase have been consumed.

As many items purchased from the pearl store are bound upon purchase, the support team will not transfer items between characters. You can simulate this transfer manually by repurchasing the item after receiving a refund. 

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