Guild Leadership Changes


We understand that the requirements of changing the guild leader is quite restrictive and important for the progression of your guild. Due to technical limitations, it's not possible for Customer Support to directly pass control of the guild to another member.

However, what we can offer is the demotion of a leader, allowing another member to assume control. This is a complicated process that we can only perform during a scheduled maintenance, and will essentially mean the guild is in a free-for-all state until a member assumes control. This is done on a first come-first serve basis, so ANY member may choose to become the new guild leader.

If you wish to avail of this service, the current Guild Leader must submit a ticket requesting his demotion from Guild Leader. Please note that we will not accept this request from any other member.

If the guild members are not happy with the new leader, we will not assist with this process again, unless specifically requested by the new guild leader.

With this in mind, please be very careful when requesting a Guild Leader Change.

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