Ghillie suit changes

Since the node/siege wars are the special and exclusive features in BDO that is different from the other ordinary fields in game, we concluded that knowing the identity of others at combat will set fair competitive environment and encourage players to enjoy war contents more.

Also in node and siege warfare situations, there is more chances of numerous players to battle in a small limited area and it would be more likely several Guilds’ war than one Guild vs another.

We concluded that hiding Name Tag will cause inconvenience in those case. This change will be applied to all countries after the discussion with each region’s publishers. For other open field activities including Guild War, Name Tag will NOT be displayed.

After consideration we have decided to offer a refund to anyone who purchased the Ghillie suit between the 18th of May and 14th of June 2016. To do so simply send in a ticket below.
For those that bought the Ghillie suit outside of that timeframe, the usual refund policy of 72 hours applies.

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