Pre-order Bonus Rewards and Game Passes FAQ

Greetings Adventurers!

Here is a FAQ we put together to answer your questions regarding the recent rewards and game passes that have been distributed to pre-order players on November 24, 2017. 

  • What determines a pre-order in Black Desert Online?

A pre-order is a Traveler/Explorer/Conqueror package that was purchased within this time frame:

November 17, 2015 - February 26, 2016


  • I purchased the game a day after the pre-order deadline and/or prior to March 3rd, 2016 - doesn't it count as a pre-order? Pre-order means to place an order before it is available!

While we understand this definition, Black Desert Online pre-orders were offered during a specific time frame.

Currently, only packages bought within the stated time frame are eligible as a pre-order in this context and therefore receive the bonuses. 


  • Why do players who supported Black Desert Online in their first year not receive any rewards?

At this time these specific rewards will go to those who pre-ordered, however, we're always finding new ways to reward our loyal players.


  • How can I claim my bonus items?

Visit this link, sign in, and go to your account page.

The coupon will be available on your Coupon List. The name of the coupon will be based on the package you ordered.

For example, if you pre-ordered the Conqueror's Package your coupon will be titled,

"Conqueror Pre-order Coupon".



  • What items will I get?

The number of items will be based on the type of package you pre-ordered.



  • I upgraded my account after release, shouldn't I be eligible for a higher tier of rewards?

No. You will only receive rewards based on the package you pre-ordered at the time.


  • Where do I find the free Game Passes? Are the passes a Trial or Full version? Can I redeem the code on Steam?

The passes can be found under Pre-order Purchase Bonus and include the full base game until December 31, 2017. After that date, they can no longer be redeemed. 

These passes are not available for Steam. 


  • Can I give this game pass to a friend in Taiwan?

No. These game passes are only available for the countries we (KakaoGames) currently support which can be found here.


  • Where does my friend redeem the code? Can I use this pass for myself?

To redeem the code, if your friend does not already own a Trial account they must create an account on the Black Desert Online website.

Once they do this, they will need to visit the account page and select Redeem Code.

Enter the code there and they will now have game access.

You can use the pass for yourself but this must be done on a newly created account. If you do not create a new account and attempt to redeem it on an account that already has access, it will not work.



  • Do I get anything for giving a Game Pass to my friend? If I give the pass to someone on a trial account who is already level 30+ do I still get the reward? 

Yes, if your friend reaches level 30 you will get a Value Pack and both of you will receive a special in-game title if done by January 30, 2018.

If you give the pass to someone who is already level 30 or higher you will still receive the rewards.


  • I'm on NA, If I give a Game Pass to someone on EU will I still get the rewards?

Yes. As long as they get to level 30 you can receive the rewards and claim them on NA or EU.


  • My friend is level 30 but I did not receive the rewards yet, why?

The rewards will be distributed after November 29, 2017.


  • I gifted a gift pass to a friend, am I still eligible for the rewards?

No. The only pass that will give you these rewards are the ones listed on the "Pre-order Purchase Bonus" list. No exceptions. 



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