How to create a Forum account - Steam users

Greetings Adventurers,

Welcome to Black Desert Online!

If you are thinking about creating a forum account through Steam you can follow the guide we have provided you with below:

Step 1) Visit the Black Desert Online forum website

Select ‘Log In’ instead of ‘Sign Up’
Click on ‘Sign in through Steam’ 


Step 2) A new window will appear from the Steam website asking you to log in with your STEAM username and password; enter this information.


Step 3) After signing in from the STEAM website it will redirect you back to the forum website to create a forum account.


Fill out all of the fields (blanks) in order to create the account.

When you are finished select ‘Sign up’ and the page will refresh with a notice letting you know that this registration is complete and you can now use your forum account!


On the home page, you will be able to see your STEAM username/nickname and icon as your avatar.


If you are having any problems with creating a forum account still, submit a ticket and our support team will take care of you!


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