How to determine what is making your character's inventory 'too heavy'

To see the weight of an item in your inventory, hover over the item, and next to the image it will provide you with the weight of it.

The amount of weight is also per item.

For example, I have 3,000 logs in my inventory. 1 log = .50 LT

This means 3,000 times the .50 per log equals to 1500 of my weight limit taken.

Let’s double check this by looking at the “Weight” bar.


The weight bar will provide you with useful information.

Such as letting you know your Current Weight, the percentage of what you can hold, and tips that will let you know what will happen if you start to exceed your weight limit.


If you exceed 100% of your weight limit the speed of your character decreases.

This means your character starts to run in slow motion!

When you exceed 125% of your weight limit you will no longer be able to jump.


The weight bar also provides you with the current amount of weight out of what you can hold.

As you can see in the above photo 1,500 LT aka the 3,000 logs plus the other items I have

total out to 1,696.8 LT out of my 4,524 LT.


The weight bar will also show you exactly what is taking up most of your weight.

My bar is mostly red as opposed to yellow and green.


When you hover over the bar it will show you that Red equals the weight of your inventory items,

Yellow equals the weight of equipped items, and green equals the weight of Silver Coins.


That is how you determine what is making your inventory ‘too heavy’!

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