How to use a Pet Appearance Change Coupon


This article will discuss how to obtain and use Pet Appearance Change Coupons.

Table of Contents
1. What are Pet Appearance Change Coupons?
2. How to Obtain
3. How to Use
4. Restrictions

What are Pet Appearance Change Coupons?

A Pet Appearance Change Coupon is a premium consumable item that can be used to change the appearance of any pet.


Before you decide to purchase the coupon you can click on the pet you have from the Pearl Shop and browse through the appearances near the bottom right corner of your screen where it says, Check Appearance.


Click on the arrow to view the appearances

How to Obtain

  • You can purchase this coupon for 250 Pearls in the ‘Pet’ tab or 1400 Loyalty under ‘Loyalties’.
  • Once you have the Coupon, make sure to have the pet you would like to change the appearance of checked in otherwise you cannot use the coupon.
  • Right click the coupon from your inventory, select the appearance you want and press Change

How to Use

  • Check in the desired pet.
  • Right click on the Pet Appearance Change Coupon.


  • Select the pet you wish to change the appearance. (Red)
  • Select the appearance you want. (Green)
  • If you are happy with the appearance, click on 'Change'. (Blue)
  • If you want to cancel the procedure click on 'Close'. (Pink)


 Each pet will have different appearances you can change to, you can not change the breed or species with this coupon.

Changing the Pet's appearance to that of a different tier does not influence its pick up speed or other tier based factors. You can't change the pet's appearance to that of a different type or breed.

Each coupon only lets you change the appearance of 1 pet.

[Example] If a you wanted to change the appearance of a Shaggy Dog, they will only be able to change the appearance to one of the variations of a Shaggy Dog. The appearances of any of the other dogs' breeds, for instance, the Shepherd, would not be available.

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