[Character Creation] Horoscopes


Table of Contents
1. What are Horoscopes?
2. Can I change my Horoscope?

What are Horoscopes?


Horoscopes are a fundamental part of your Black Desert Online character.

You can select from one of twelve different horoscopes:

  • Shield
  • Giant
  • Camel
  • Black Dragon
  • Treant Owl
  • Elephant
  • Wagon
  • Sealing Stone
  • Goblin
  • Key
  • Hammer
  • Boat

Horoscopes are linked to Black Desert Online's Amity system, which you can find details about here.

Can I change my Horoscope?

Upon finalizing your character's creation details, your horoscope is permanent

We understand choosing a specific Horoscope can help increase Amity while interacting with certain NPCs however, once the Horoscope has been chosen in character customization it cannot be changed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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