How to use a Mount Skill Change Coupon

The Mount Skill Change Coupon will change a mount’s skill of your choice and learn a new one in its place. The coupon applies to Horses, Mini Elephants, and Camels only.

  • You cannot choose which skill the mount will learn.
  • You cannot use the coupon from your Pearl Inventory, if you try to do this you will receive a notice that says, “There is no item”.

To use a Mount Skill Change coupon you must go to the nearest stable keeper and check in your mount.

Select the mount and choose the skill you want to ‘Desire’ for first, otherwise, if you try to select the skill you want to change first you will receive this notice, "Skills can be changed once the desired skills have been selected".

Once you have selected the skill to "Desire" you can now choose the skill you want to change (remove).

*Please note that this coupon does not guarantee you will get the desired skill. If you don't get the skill, you will receive 1 ‘Desire Stack’.

You can think of this as being similar to ‘Fail Stacks’.

Each time you do not get the skill you desired you will receive +1 Desire Stack. If the horse learns the desired skill the "Desire Stacks" will be consumed.

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