Need your account deleted to use your Email for Steam?

If you signed up to Black Desert Online previously with your email to receive newsletters or to utilize a trial account, your Email address remains in our database which means when you purchase a game pass through Steam and attempt to register you will receive an error that says, "Email address is already in use."

Don't be alarmed! This can be easily fixed by submitting a ticket to our support team.

Note: When creating the ticket, please make sure to file it as follows -

  • Ticket Form: Account
  • Category: Account deletion

The only time we need an ID attached is if you want to delete the account when there is a game pass attached to your email. So if you purchased any game pass (Starters Package, Travelers Package, Explorers Package, Conquerors Package, Etc), or if you were gifted a package we will require proper identification.

Issue not solved?

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