Pet Exchange - How to determine a Pets species

We tend to receive tickets from players asking for a refund of their pets due to not being able to breed/exchange them because they are different species.

Unfortunately, once a pet emblem is registered this means it has been consumed and is now bound to your account. When this happens, you are no longer eligible for a refund as the Pet emblem we need to remove is not available in your Pearl inventory.

We can only refund a pet if the emblem is still available in your Pearl inventory and you have contacted us within 72 hours of purchasing the pet. 

You may refer to the article here regarding our Pearl Item Refund policy.

Before purchasing any pet make sure the species is the same by checking the "Species" tag.

You can check this while in the Pearl shop. Under the pet "Item Information" you will see a red tag (circled) that states the Pets species. 


*Different breeds of birds are not the same species, so they will not breed!


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